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Tangerine Lotus Leaf Tea(Belly drink)陈皮荷叶茶(小肚腩喝)lost weight reduce the burden on the belly
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  • Digestion and eliminating stomach gas clear fat and relieve constipation, eliminating the body will reduce the burden on the belly.
  • 陈皮和荷叶都是凉性药材,具有清心火、平肝火、泻脾火、降肺火、清热养心、降血压利尿、收敛津液、止痛等作用。止汗、止血、固精。常饮可清肝消火,利水利水!




Tangerine Lotus Leaf Tea(Belly drink)陈皮荷叶茶(小肚腩喝)
Effect: Digestion and eliminating stomach gas clear fat and relieve constipation, eliminate the body will reduce the burden on the belly.

1. tangerine peel and lotus leaf are both cooling medicinal materials, which have the functions of clearing heart fire, calming liver fire, purging spleen fire, lowering lung fire, clearing heat and nourishing the mind, reducing blood pressure and diuresis, astringing fluid and stopping sweating, stopping bleeding and solidifying essence. Drinking it often can clear the liver and eliminate fire, drain, and diuretic!

2. the main effect of tangerine peel and lotus leaf tea is to treat phlegm-dampness type obesity. This is because the tangerine peel contains a large amount of volatile oil, hesperidin, and other ingredients. The volatile oil contained in it has a mild stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice, eliminate gas accumulation in the intestine, and reduce swelling and dampness.

3. tangerine peel lotus leaf tea also has the effect of relieving summer heat. the tangerine peel can strengthen the spleen and reduce phlegm, improving the phenomenon of heavy dampness and phlegm in the throat, so in hot summer, you can drink some tangerine peel lotus leaf tea to cool down and quench your thirst!

Attention ️
1. Do not drink on an empty stomach.
2. Do not drink too much. Although drinking Three-herb Tea has certain benefits for the body, no matter how good the food is, you should not eat too much. Excessive consumption of rose jasmine lemon tea can easily stimulate the human body and may cause dizziness.
Storage method: refrigerate
Shelf life: 6 months






1. 不要空腹喝水。

储存方法: 冷藏

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