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Mr.JANG YU [Size XL] Red Dates With Seed新疆无硫大红枣 Kurma Merah Kering Cina-Mr.JANG YU
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  • Promote sleep
  • Protect your liver
  • Enhance physical fitness
  • Spleen and stomach
  • Skin beauty


Name of Products: Red Dates With Seed

* No Bleaching Agent
* No Sulphur Added
* No Preservative

Red dates, or jujube, are one of the most popular health foods in China. Dried dates are soft on the outside with a sweet smell and moist inside. Chinese people treat red dated not only as a food but also as a health tonic and traditional herb. Many traditional herbal formulas include dates, as they are used for balancing ones qi. On special occasions, many people in China buy quality dates to give as gifts to their friends and relatives.

Red dates, also known as jujubes, belong to the plants of the Angiosperm, Dicotyledoneae, Rhamnus, Rhamnaceae, and Jujube genus. Its vitamin content is very high, and it has the reputation of natural vitamin pills. Red dates are temperate crops with strong adaptability and a wide range of cultivation. Jujube is known as an iron crop and has the characteristics of drought tolerance and waterlogging tolerance. It is the first choice for the development of water-saving forest and fruit industry. The argument that red dates can replenish blood has a long history. Its red color makes people feel that it can replenish blood. In addition, the taste is very good and the variety is relatively diverse, so it is very popular with everyone. Many people like to use red dates to soak in water, or often eat some



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