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  • Description :
  • All Ready Stock
  • Fast Delivery (Ship within 1-2 days)
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • 100% Authentic and 100% Taste of Memories
  • Weight: 300g
  • Expiry: 6-9 Month
  • Remark: Halal
  • Packaging 包装: 180g~500g
  • Benefits 益处 :
  •  It relieves phlegm and cough 化痰止咳
  •  It nourishes lung 清润润肺
  • It reduces inner heat and detoxifies blood 降火排毒Remarks :
  • No artificial coloring & sulfur.
  • All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.



  • Enhance skin tone
  • Cleaning the body and breaking up congestion
  • Improve lung health
  • Prevent bad breathe
  • Mr.JANG YU生产
  • 净含量:400克(火锅底料50克,粉条包200克,蔬菜包150克)24盒/箱
  • Net weight: 400g 
  • 保质期:常温下9个月,生产日期见包装背面
  • Expiry date 9 months from manufacturing, please refer printed manufacturing date on the packaging
  • 储存方法:保存于阴凉、通风、避光处
  • Keep in the cool, dry, ventilated area. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • 大马现货,下单1个工作日发货
  • Ready stock in Malaysia. Shipment within 1 working day.
  • Korea Dried Persimmon韩国水晶柿饼(Import From Korea)
  • 重量:1箱5kg (大约50-60pcs)
  • 保存方法:必须冷藏到冰箱Please keep in fridge once received
  • 新年必备年货或送礼,大大粒的柿饼,饱满的柿肉,口感好松软,好香甜哦 ^^
  • ✔️纯天然,无公害
  • ✔️纯手工晒干,不是烤干
  • ❌无任何添加剂,无霜粉
  • ❌无色素,无籽
  • Premium Grade Phnom Penh Rose Buds Flower Tea. Ready Stock !!
  • 100% Natural & Brand New.
  • Size 150g Value Pack available.
  • Fresh & Good quality.
  • Makes Skin Young And Healthy
  • Relieving painful menstrual cramps
  • Makes Immune System Stronger
  • Helps to reduce stress, depression
  • Helps To Lose Weight & Lower blood pressure.
  • 名称:韩国柿饼
  • 进口:韩国
  • 重量:1kg
  • 数量:500G 大约 5~6片; 1kg 大约11~12片
  • Name of product: Korean Dried Persimmon
  • Import: Korea
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Quantity: 500g is around 5~6 pieces,1kg is around 11-12 pieces
  • 鲍鱼是名贵的“海珍品”之一,味道鲜美,营养丰富,被誉为海洋“软黄金”。鲍鱼是名贵的海洋食用贝类,被誉为“餐桌黄金,海珍之冠”,其肉质细嫩、营养丰富。
  • 5整粒/6红烧吉品鲍鱼85克-5pcs/6pcs Braised Abalone 425g
  • 成分 :饮用水,鲍鱼,食用盐S/Ingredients: Water, Abalone, Salt
  • 净含量 :425 克/Net Weight: 425g
  • 固形物含量 :85克/Drained Weight: 85g
  • Expiry Date 罐头截止年份-2023 
  • Easy Open Canned 易开罐式设计
  • Is ready to serve/Heat Up 可直接/加热食用
  • Can add broccoli 可加入西兰花
  • Suitable for Poon Choi 适合于盆菜
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Wholesales inquiry is available
  • Suitable for friends gathering, family gathering, festivals, Chinese new years, celebration, gift set



  • Conditioning stomach
  • Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis and other collagen diseases.
  • invigorating spleen and kidney
  • promoting fluid production to nourish lung
  • Highly valued for the health benefits it's believed to provide
  • fish maw is reported to contain rich proteins and nutrients, be high in good collagen, ionic acid, and unsaturated fatty acid.
  • It's also believed to be effective in healing weak lungs, replenishing kidneys' and boosting stamina.


  • Net Weight: 100g~200g
  • Improve your eyesight
  • Stimulate Appetite
  • Nourishing Yin and stomach
  • Get rid of inner heat
  • Preferred for various kinds of herbal soups
  • Consumed as a traditional remedy and to promote general health
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Improve gout
  • Promote fertility
  • Improve immunity
  • Promote blood circulation
  • 功效 : 清热去湿,美白消腫,健脾止瀉
  • Help flush out toxins from the body, Helps in Digestion Related Problems
  • 材料: 生薏米,熟薏米,燈心花
  • 1.將一包生熟薏米用水冲洗干净后,加入1.5L的清水放入锅。
  • 2.然后加上盖子,用大火煲滾後关小火慢煲1个小时。
  • 3.待薏米水放涼后可隨意加入蜜糖或柠檬片,就可饮用。
  • 1. Rinse all herbs. Pour all the ingredients into the pot.
  • 2. Add around 1.5L water, bring to boil, and then simmer for 1 hour.
  • 3. Add honey or lemon as desired before serve.
  • 男女老少皆宜, 怀孕妈咪饮用前需要咨询医生以避免影响到宝宝及健康。
  • Avoid during sick, fever, period, pregnancy.
  • 需冷藏保存。Keep Refrigerated to maintain Freshness & Quality.
  • Premium Grade and ready stocks available. Ready stock !!
  • 100% brand new & good quality.
  • 100g~300g Value Pack and Save More.
  • Help to replenish Qi
  • Stabilizes the Kidneys and astringes Jing
  • Strengthens the Spleen and stops diarrhea
  • Prevent aging, Prevent memory loss
  • Help immune-boosting, Prevent Cancer
  • Reduce anxiety, neurasthenia, and nervous disorders
  • It usually uses as preferred for various kinds of herbal soups.
  • Coconut Black Chicken Soup
  • 功效:补肾健脑,补血养神,解燥去暑,滋润肌肤
  • 椰子煲乌鸡是女性专属的养颜活血汤
  • *Coconut Black Chicken Soup
  • Effect: Tonifies Kidney & Brain, Tonifies Blood & Repose, Eliminates Body Heat, Moistens Skin
  • Coconut chicken soup is good for women enhancing beauty



  • Seasoning Laver (Dried Seaweed) 62g 调味紫菜
  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Do not expose to sunshine, Keep away from high temperature or dampness.Suitable for fried crispy seaweed layer. 100% Vegetarian