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  • Source of antioxidants, rich in iron and dietary fibre, contains multi nutrients

  • Multivitamins

  • Ready to eat as snacks, can eat with oats, yogurt, ice cream, and cereal. Great as healthy snacks

  • Rich in nutrition, satisfy the cravings of the mouth, small snacks, healthy, and report hunger. No matter breakfast, afternoon tea, or dinner, supper snacks are not a problem.

  • Aid in weight loss 
  • Skin brightening 
  • Improve sleep quality 
  • Reduce bad breath removal Bad breath
  • Natural
  • No chemicals No additives
  • The prescription was originally organized by the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission to organize 77 TCM experts from the fields of febrile disease, TCM lung disease, TCM critical illness, TCM medicine, etc., and the city's new coronavirus effect pneumonia TCM expert group was jointly organized. Issued.
  • 香港鸭腿
  • 香港进口
  • 1包1支
  • 储藏方法 :存放于通风阴凉处,如预算较长时间食用,建议封好放入雪柜(0-8℃)储存
  • Preserved Hong Kong Duck Legs
  • Imported from Hong Kong
  • one pack one piece of duck leg
  • Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, suggested to sealed and chilled at 0-8℃
  • Premium Grade 2/3 of Dang Shen. Ready Stock !!
  • 100% brand new and direct import from the origin place of China.
  • Size150g~300g Value Pack (Plastic Packaging) Save More !!!
  • 100% natural from plants. Fresh & Good quality.
  • Improves blood circulation & lower high blood pressure
  • Help enhance immunity & fight cancer
  • Improves microcirculation
  • Reduces the risk of ischemic stroke
  • EASY TO COOK Suitable for every food-lovers and even people with a hectic routine
  • FAST DELIVERY We'll make sure you receive your order as soon as possible!
  • Fresh & good quality Purple Sage Root (Grade AAA). 100g~200g 
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Increases metabolism.
  • 活血散瘀,消肿止痛
  • 谨慎贮存:置于干燥处,防潮、防蛀
  • Sun-dried(Natural)
  • NO Preservatives (Healthy)
  • Rich in Protein and other nutrients
  • Original from fishing Village
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Product as in the picture
  • Large and white sizes
  • Clean wrapped
  • 100% clean & fresh
  • Clearing away heat
  • detoxification
  • Lungs tonic and nourishing
  • treat cough
  • sore throat,fever,cold ,flu.
  • The upper part of the middle part of the refined leg is used for bone removal, which is suitable for soup, steaming, braising, making sauces, moon cakes, etc., and it is cost-effective.
  • How to eat:
  • Put it in a small pot and boil it for 20 minutes, then brush off the oil on it to remove the fishy smell, then put it in an electric pot and steam for about 30 minutes to lure the deliciousness of the ham.
  • Put the chicken, steamed Jinhua ham, ginger, and rice wine in a cast iron pot, cover the chicken with water, wait for a big boil, turn to low heat and simmer slowly for about 1.5hr.
  • Ham cannot be used as a main dish, it is just a seasoning. Ham is a cured product. When slicing, cut it thinly and quickly, not too big.
  • Steam or blanch the ham before cooking to get rid of some saltiness.
  • Economical and delicious
  • Fresh, not greasy
  •  can be stewed, fried, braised
  • The main ingredients are high-grade collagen, mucopolysaccharides, multiple vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium, and other trace elements
  • High-level tonic, as famous as bird's nest and shark's fin, listed as one of the "eight treasures"
  • It has the functions of nourishing blood to stop bleeding, nourishing the kidney, and strengthening essence
  • No added coloring
  • Original homemade dried
  •  Kurang masin /less salt
  • Tidak berbau bila di goreng /will not smell
  • Sangat garing bila di goreng / crispy/delicious and crispy after deep fried
  • Konfem Segar dan Berkualiti/High quality, absolutely fresh


  • Suitable for: hot pot, porridge base, noodle soup, soup, stuffed tofu, etc
  • fragrant and delicious
  • no preservatives
  • no coloring
  • no smell
  • no thirst
  • salt Convenient and Save Time
  • special products from Pangkor Island Anchovy Soup Sachet
  • 100% brand new & Good quality direct import from China.
  •  200g value pack available.
  • Heals Lung Diseases such as asthma & bronchitis
  • Heals Dry Coughs & reduce phlegm
  • Heals Migraine Headaches
  • Removes Heat from the Body
  • Relieves stomach discomforts such as lack of appetite, constipation
  • Heals Itchy Dry Skin, skin rash
  • Avoid use in case of Cough due to Wind-Cold
  • Premium Grade and ready stocks available. Ready stock !!
  • Protects you against heart diseases: High in phytonutrients, bamboo shoots are a great way to get phenolic acids into your body. They contain antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce the risk of numerous long-term illnesses like heart disease.
  • Good quality
  • For soup or dessert
  • Genuine medicine
  • Nourish younger and moisturize dryness, produce body fluid, and quench thirst



  • Ingredient: Garlic
  • Weight: 250g~500g
  • Fermentation process: 360 hours to 400 hours
  • Eat before breakfast
  • Can be eaten by all ages
  • Taste: a mix of sour, sweet, and/or bitter
  • Can act as preservatives for food
  • To people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol: 5 black onions x 3 times a day
  • Expired after 1 year of production
  • Single Clove Garlic
  • Take 1-3 cloves every morning before breakfast
  • Store at room temperature
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Eat without skin
  • Premium mushroom, approx 4cm - 5cm per pcs.
  • Contain substantial nutrients, including protein, enzymes, B vitamins, and vitamin D2.
  • Mushrooms provide protein, vitamin C, and iron.
  • Help to support cardiovascular health, fight cancer cells, improve energy levels and brain function.
  • Mushrooms are excellent sources of antioxidants as they contain polyphenols and selenium
  • It also reduces inflammation and supports the immune system.
  • Can serve with chicken soup, vegetables, meat, and etc. aza
  • 100% natural from plants. Fresh & Good quality.
  • Best Gifts for Chinese New Year & Limited Time Offer only.