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  • Sea cucumber is a kind of seafood with high protein, low fat, and low cholesterol.
  •  nourish the kidney and essence,
  • nourish blood and moisturize the skin,
  • nourish the skin and anti-aging.
  •  beneficial to the weak.
  • Name of product: Korean Dried Persimmon
  • Import: Korea
  • Weight: 250g+-
  • Quantity: 500g is around 5 pieces
  • 名称:韩国柿饼
  • 进口:韩国
  • 重量:250g+-
  • 数量:250g+- 大约 5片
  • 功效 : 助长发育, 强健骨骼, 健脑抗癌
  • Help youngsters to grow taller, strengthen bones, Anti-depressant & Anti-cancer
  • 可供4人份, Serves 4 persons
  • 男女老少皆宜, 怀孕妈咪饮用前需要咨询医生以避免影响到宝宝及健康。
  • Avoid during sick, fever, period, pregnancy.
  • 新鲜包装,需冷藏保存。
  • Freshly Packed. Keep Refrigerated to maintain Freshness & Quality.
  • Premium Grade and ready stocks available. Ready stock !!
  • 100% brand new & good quality.
  • 60g Value Pack and Expiry Date is 1 year.
  • Ginseng Roots commonly used to brew tea or boil soup to help increase energy.
  • Ginseng Roots could help improve brain functions like memory, behavior, and mood.
  • Help strengthen the immune system.
  • Help fight fatigue and reduce tiredness.
  • It usually uses as preferred for various kinds of herbal soups.
  • 10g each time with red dates & goji berry. Double-boil with Chicken soup for 1 to 2 hours.
  • 500g per bottle
  • Fresh Honey Lime
  • Fresh honey lime pollen honey kumquat
  • No preservatives &no pigment
  • Halal products
  • Efficacy: rich in vitamin C, can produce body fluids, quench thirst, and reduce inflammation Drink after meals to help digestion and eliminate constipation.
  • The traditional formula is refined, pure and natural, and manufactured by clean machinery.
  • Home-made
  • Freshly made and healthy
  • Made under strict quality control to ensure the best quality in taste, texture, and color
  • 1 packet of 500 grams
  • the perfect gift for friends and families
  • non-preservative
  • non-coloring
  • non Flesh agents
  • Each piece is hand-made, charcoal burnt
  • No preservative color pigment
  • Fresh and tasty
  • All jerky will be packaged in a single independent vacuum.
  • The best shelf life for vacuum individually packaged jerky is 30 days.
  • Non-halal
  • vacuum-packed individual
  • Premium South Dates 特级南枣3A
  • Keep Cool 需冷藏***【南枣】 “日吃三个枣、一生不易老”
  • 特级南枣的【功效】滋肾养肝、健脑安神、补脾养胃、活血强心、养颜乌发、改善微循环和抗癌保健、润心肺、止咳嗽、补五脉、治虚损之效。
  • [Efficacy] Nourishes the kidney and liver, invigorates the brain and calms the nerves, nourishes the spleen and stomach, promotes blood circulation and strengthens the heart, nourishes the appearance of black hair, improves microcirculation and anti-cancer health care, nourishes the heart and lungs, relieves coughs, nourishes the five veins, and treats weakness Effect.
  • 功效 : 补中益气,宁神安心,养血益智,增强体力
  • Good for revitalizing energy and help boost the Immune System.
  • Nourishes the middle and nourishes qi, calms the mind and peace of mind, nourishes blood, nourishes intelligence, and enhances physical strength
  • 材料:龙眼, 杞子, 泡参, 茯苓, 北芪, 淮山, 红枣, 党参
  • 男女老少皆宜, 怀孕妈咪饮用前需要咨询医生以避免影响到宝宝及健康。
  • Avoid during sick, fever, period, pregnancy.
  • 新鲜包装,需冷藏保存。Freshly Packed. Keep Refrigerated.
  • Ready Stock !! Size500g Value Pack.
  • 100% brand new and natural from plants
  • Help Lower High Cholesterol Levels
  • Protect Against Heart Disease
  • Lower High Blood Pressure
  • Fights Obesity & Helps with Weight Loss
  • Help Prevent/Treat Type 2 Diabetes
  • Provide a High Source of Protein
  • High Source of Vitamins and Minerals
  •  rich in collagen
  •  strengthening muscles and bones
  • helps young people grow and develop
  • slow down the speed of osteoporosis in middle-aged and elderly women.
  • 猪蹄筋中含在丰富的胶原蛋白质,能增强细胞生理代谢,使皮肤更富有弹性和韧性,延缓皮肤的衰老
  • 具有强筋壮骨之功效,对腰膝酸软、身体瘦弱者有很好的食疗作用;有助于青少年生长发育和减缓中老年妇女骨质疏松的速度。
  • 不添加人造甜料No Added Artificial Sweetener
  • 不添加人造色素No Added Artificial Coloring
  • 不添加人造香料No Added Artificial Flavoring
  • 不含牛奶和蛋No Milk&Egg Contain
  • Premium Grade of peeled dried lotus seeds. Ready Stock !!
  • 100% natural from plants. No Sulphur, No Colouring
  • 100% brand new and direct import from the origin place FUJIAN, China.
  • Lotus seeds are a good source of protein.
  • Helps treat diarrhea, vomit, and indigestion.
  • It Helps treats Insomnia and promote calmness
  • The benefit to kidney & help to return vital energy.
  • It Helps maintains Blood Pressure & Blood sugar level
  • Slow down the aging process & also repairs damaged proteins.
  • clearing away heat
  • detoxification-clearing the liver
  • improving the eyesight-removing dampness-treating body heat
  • 清火明目 清热祛湿 清肝 治疗身体热和疮毒 下火解热
  • Sun-dried(Natural)
  • NO Preservatives (Healthy)
  • Rich in Protein and other nutrients
  • Original from fishing Village
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Product as in the picture
  • Large and white sizes
  • Clean wrapped

100% clean & fresh

  • 治疗气虚表卫不固所致自汗,气虚外感诸症。临床上用黄芪、防风、白术
  • 制成玉屏风散,用于治疗表虚自汗且易感风寒者。
  • 肺气虚证。咳喘日久,气短神疲,痰雍于肺无力咯出。常配伍紫菀款冬等,温肺定喘,健肺气之品。脾生痰,肺储痰,所以健太阴以祛痰,本品补气所以尤善治气虚为佳
  • Produced from Gansu, China. Packaged and distributed by XIYAOPENG LLC.
  • 本品为豆科植物蒙古黄芪Astragalus membranaceus(Fisch.)Bge.var.mongholicus(Bge.)Hsiao或膜荚黄芪 Astragalus membranaceus(Fisch.)Bge.的干燥根。春、秋二季采挖,除去须根及根头,晒干。
  • Milkvetch Root is the dried root and rhizome of Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bge. Var. Mongolic (Bge.) Hsiao or Astragalus membranaceous (Fisch.) Bge. (Fam. Leguminosae). The drug is collected in spring and autumn, removed from rootlet and rootstock, dried in the sun.
  • 功效 : 预防脱发, 乌黑头发, 补肾健脾, 大补气血
  • Prevent hair damage that may cause hair loss.
  • Good for help to replenish qi & blood. Makes Skin Young & Beauty.
  • Avoid during sick, fever, period, pregnancy.
  • 新鲜包装,需冷藏保存。Freshly Packed. Keep Refrigerated