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  • 名称:珍珠菇 原木剪脚小香菇
  • 重量:100g~200g
  • 大小:0.8cm~1cm
  • Name of Product:Dried Pearl Mushroom
  • Weight:100g~200g
  • Size:0.8cm~1cm
  • Efficacy: Clearing away heat and detoxification, Lungs tonic and nourishing, treat cough, sore throat, fever, cold, and flu
  • Guaranteed 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Package includes: Liang Hua Qing Wen Tea 3g x 20 Per Box
  • JiaoNang 12x2 Per Box
  • 1st Class Customer Service  
  • Delicious and not greasy
  • Seafood Snack
  • Super High-Quality Product
  • Guaranteed freshness
  • Guarantee non-stop eating
  • No added colorings & preservatives
  • Please store it in a cool, clean, dry place or keep it inside the refrigerator to ensure you get the freshness
  • Please consume immediately after opening
  • No flour is added to this product
  • Away from direct sunlight
  • 100% Bersih & Segar
  • Kualiti Bermutu Tinggi
  • Direct dari Kampung Nelayan Tanjung Dawai
  • Wajib ada di setiap meja makanan
  • Badan Nipis dan Rangup selepas goreng
  • Wild toad grass has the following 4 ways to eat
  • 1. After washing the fresh toad grass, put it directly into the mouth to chew, swallow the juice slowly, and spit out the scum, which can effectively treat the sore throat.
  • 2. Wash the fresh toad grass and chop it up, then add an appropriate amount of water and flour, stir well, and finally take the pancake while it is still hot. This medicated diet method has a very good effect on throat diseases, especially sore throat, bronchitis and cough. If you have a cough and a sore throat, you can recover after taking it once or twice. If you have bronchitis, it is best for the patient to take it five or six times.
  • 3. Decoct the toad grass and three bowls of water together. After the fire is boiled, simmer for 15 minutes on low heat, and then use it instead of tea. This method has a good effect on coughing, and the effect can be seen after about an hour, and the body can recover after three hours without a rebound.
  • Effect:
  • 1. treat cough
  • 2. treat sore throat
  • Product Description :
  • -Weight: 300g~500g ±
  • -Efficacy: It has the effects of replenishing lung qi, curing cough and -asthma, stopping
  • worms, reducing stool, protecting blood vessels, and increasing blood flow.
  • -Common cooking methods: ginkgo cloud ear syrup, yuba ginkgo barley, etc.
  • Direct supply from fisheries (Fresh)
  • Sun-dried(Natural)
  • NO Preservatives (Healthy)
  • Rich in Protein and other nutrients
  • Product as in the picture
  • Quality guaranteed
  • 100% clean & fresh
  • The prescription was originally organized by the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission to organize 77 TCM experts from the fields of febrile disease, TCM lung disease, TCM critical illness, TCM medicine, etc., and the city's new coronavirus effect pneumonia TCM expert group was jointly organized. Issued.
  • Premium Fish Maw Roll 100g (2~3pcs)
  • The effect of Fish Maw: 
  • Nourish kidneys and essence, 
  • Nourish tendons and veins, and
  • Treat kidney deficiency and slippery essence. 
  • Fish Maw is rich in protein and gum, nourishing yin and nourishing the face, 
  • Nourishing blood, nourishing the kidney, and strong function. 
  • The waist and knees are sore and weak, and the most suitable for regular consumption.
  • 备注:图片与实物将有少许色差 Notice: Photos are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary due to the natural color
  • 100% Original
  • High Quality
  • Sold by professional pharmacists and nutritionists
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves recovery after exercise
  • Improves mood
  • Improves quality of breast milk
  • Reduces tiredness
  • Colors: Yellow (lily), Purple (lavender), Blue (natural ocean), Red (rose), Green (natural forest)
  • Halal (plant based, no animal substances)
  • Enzyme formulation
  • 8 times more concentrated
  • This product is non-phosphorus concentration formula, deep clean, easy to rinse, no residue more environmental protection
  • Each more mix in 5 colors & come with boxes!!
  • cough that no cure, on and off reoccurring.
  • Sinus 
  • anti-allergic 
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Improve the immune system 
  • Chronic bronchitis 
  • Smoker / 2nd Hand Smoker 
  • Improve skin allergy

      Elders All of the above are suitable for taking tiger milk mushrooms.

  • Homemade barbecue,
  • Original flavor, high customer return rate! !
  • Each slice is hand-made, charcoal-fired, no meat agent, no preservatives, no color, and hand-made vacuum packaging.
  • Fresh and delicious.
  • The first choice for gifts.
  • Activating bloodying collaterals Refreshing Qi
  • Nourishes Liver and Kidney Relieve swelling and relieve pain
  • hypotensive
  • Adjust blood lipids
  • Improve human immune function by activating blood and resolving phlegm Clear blood vessels,        there is a miracle in lowering the third high
  • 100% Stainless Steel High-Quality Tools: Made of professional surgical grade Stainless Steel to allow Safe Sterilization, Prevent Corrosion, and Minimize Risk of Infections.
  • Portable: Comes with a portable synthetic leather case that is easily opened with a push of a button. It is also very lightweight so you can carry it with you in your bag everyday or pack it with you when you go traveling.
  • Best Gift: Manicure Tools Aesthetic packaging design, the case is made of high-quality fabric and PU leather, stylish and elegant, a Perfect Gift.
  • Regulate Qi and Blood 
  • Replenish Qi Deficiency 
  • Invigorate the spleen and kidney 
  • Tonic but not dry
  • Blood circulation
  • Nourish Yin and Slowly Nourish
  • Who cannot eat:
  • People with chest tightness and abdominal distension
  • Pregnant women
  •  Fever
  • Patients with hypertension