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Stevia Leaf 甜菊叶Daun Stevia 50g Stevia Leaf Tea supplement 100g
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  • Ready Stock & Direct Import from China.
  • 100% Natural & Brand New. Fresh & Good quality.
  • Size 50g per Value Pack.
  • Helps in controlling Diabetes
  • Help to lower high blood pressure
  • Help Relieve Indigestion. Helps Weight Loss.
  • Help to lower cholesterol
  • Good for oral health and reduce bacterial formation in the mouth

All natural alternative to sugar and chemical sweeteners Stevia leaf and chemical sweeteners are the same natural plant with extremely low sugar content and high sweetness. The leaves of stevia are stevia leaves, which can be used to brew tea or make desserts. Stevia leaves contain adenosides, stevioside A, stevioside B, stevioside, stevioside and other ingredients, which can be used to replace sugar and become a healthier food sweetener or food additive than sugar

1.Prevents Cancer
2.Controls Weight and Aids Special Group of People
3.Reduces Risk of Pancreatic Cancer and Oral and Skin Health
4.Lowers Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels and Fights Diabetes

糖和化学甜味剂的全天然替代品 甜菊叶和化学甜味剂是同一种天然植物,含糖量极低,甜度高。甜叶菊的叶子是甜菊叶,可以用来泡茶或制作甜点。甜菊叶含有腺苷、甜菊苷A、甜菊苷B、甜菊苷、甜菊苷等成分,可替代糖,成为比糖更健康的食品甜味剂或食品添加剂

4. 降低血压、血糖水平和对抗糖尿病


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