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Mr.JANG YU Rosella Tea Flower Tea hala洛神花 Bunga Rosella Vitamin C Ribena 100g
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  • Premium Grade Rosella Flower Tea. Ready Stock !!
  • 100% Natural & Brand New. Fresh & Good quality.
  • Moisture-proof and sealed package.
  • Packaging 50g~500g
  • Makes Skin Young And Healthy
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Balance body's PH level
  • Convenient brewing
  • Pregnant women are advised to reduce consumption of floral tea
  • For a light flavor take on 2-3 dried flowers to one cup of tea, add boiling water, steep for 10 minutes, and enjoy.
  • However for a stronger taste add 6 dried flowers to one cup of tea, steep for 15-20 minutes and then sit back, feet up gazing at your tea in peace.

Rosella Tea Flower Tea hala洛神花 50g~100g

Roselle reduces blood fat and cholesterol
Roselle anti-inflammatory and anti-aging
Roselle has the effect of protecting the liver
Roselle prevents gastric cancer and blood cancer
Roselle is soaked in water to wash your face. It has a very light rose smell. The water is light red. After washing,
your face will be slippery and it can also be used for beauty.

It has the effects of beautifying, slimming, and lowering blood pressure, especially suitable for women to drink. Contains flavor acid, vitamin C, elderberry glycosides, citric acid, and other nutrients. It is beneficial to balance blood lipids, promote calcium absorption, promote digestion, detoxify and diuresis, relieve body fatigue, and relieve people who drink excessively. Roselle will stop growing at a temperature of 10°C and wither at 5°C, so it is difficult to grow in temperate regions.

Natural Ribena drink, mix with honey rose or lemon for better taste




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