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Tiger Milk Mushroom (Used for relief Cough and Cold)Lignosus Rhinocerus Powder虎奶菌 虎奶芝(老虎奶) Cendawan Susu Harimau 50g
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  • cough that no cure, on and off reoccurring.
  • Sinus 
  • anti-allergic 
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Improve the immune system 
  • Chronic bronchitis 
  • Smoker / 2nd Hand Smoker 
  • Improve skin allergy

      Elders All of the above are suitable for taking tiger milk mushrooms.

Tiger Milk Mushroom/ Cendawan Susu Harimau 50g

Tiger Milk Fungus is ground using 【Precious Primary Original Tiger Milk Tablets】 grind to powder

Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus rhinocerus), commonly known as "Tiger Milk", also known as "Tiger Milk Mushroom", belongs to the Polyporaceae (Polyporaceae) in the phylum Basidiomycota of the fungi kingdom, and is classified as a unique medicinal herb with a variety of curative effects. Fungi. The aborigines in Malaysia call Tiger Milk Mushroom "Tiger Milk" (Cendawan Susu Rimau), and even regard Tiger Milk Mushroom, which is traditionally used for health care, as a national treasure of Malaysia. According to legend, the name of "Tiger Milk" is derived from the dictation of the aborigines - nursing tigers drip their milk on the ground for the cubs to lick, but the milk of the soil encourages rare and precious medicinal fungi.

100% Herbs based herbs
100% safe, no side effects

Tiger Milk Mushroom 7 Benefits of Tiger Milk Mushroom
️Relieves cough and asthma
️Protect the liver
️Protect the lungs, Smoker / 2nd hand smoker
️Relieve nasal allergy and nasal congestion
️ Improve respiratory allergy
️Prevent breast disease
️Enhanced virus resistance and self-protection ability

How to cook/eat
This product can be brewed in boiling water instead of tea

Serving Size: (Adult) 1 teaspoon(3-4g) once daily, (children) half teaspoon(2g) once daily,Served with warm water

Suitable for people
Children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women, the elderly.

Storage method
Sealed sunscreen, dry and anti-odor. If the budget exceeds 30 days to consume, it is recommended to refrigerate (0-8C) for storage.


虎乳芝(Lignosus rhinocerus)俗称老虎奶,也叫虎奶菇 ,属于真菌界担子菌门(Basidiomycota)中的多孔菌科(Polyporaceae,被归纳为独特且具备多种疗效的药用真菌。马来西亚的原住民称把虎乳芝称为老虎奶(Cendawan Susu Rimau),更把传统上用来保健养身的虎乳芝当成是马来西亚的国宝。相传,老虎奶 的命名源自于原住民的口述 哺乳的老虎把乳汁滴在地上让幼虎舔舐,土壤的乳汁却助长出稀有珍贵的药用真菌。

100% Herbs based 草本植物
100% safe, no side effects 無副作用

Tiger Milk Mushroom 虎乳芝7大功效
️缓解鼻敏感 鼻塞


使用份量:(成人)1 茶匙(3-4g)每日一次,(儿童)半茶匙(2g)每日一次,温水送服



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