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Mr.JANG YU Dried Hanging Persimmon Korea 3pcs~1 box(Independent Packing) Persimmons Fruits韩国水晶吊柿饼1箱 Healthy Snacks
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  • Korea crystal dried hanging persimmon
  • 1 box
  • Persimmons need to be refrigerated and stored. The temperature changes during transportation will sometimes have a taste of alcohol fermentation, so please be careful when placing an order. Mind and shoot carefully
  • Storage method: Must be refrigerated in the refrigerator. Product: Korea Dried Persimmon (Import From Korea)
  • ✔️Hand-dried, not roasted
  • ❌No additives, no frost powder
  • ❌No pigment
  • Please keep in the fridge once received****New Year's must-have goods or gifts for the New Year, big persimmons, plump persimmon meat, the taste is so soft, so fragrant and sweet^^

Dried Hanging Persimmon Korea 1 box(Independent Packing)1箱

Persimmons need to be refrigerated and stored. The temperature changes during transportation will sometimes have a taste of alcohol fermentation, so please be careful when making an order.
Persimmons are cake-like foods artificially dried from persimmons, also known as dried persimmons and dried persimmons, which can be used as dessert fillings. The color is gray and white, the cross-section is golden and translucent, soft, sweet, sweet and damp, non-toxic, nourishing the heart and lungs, relieving cough and phlegm, clearing heat and quenching thirst, strengthening the spleen and astringent intestines.

Efficacy and function of dried persimmon
1. Persimmon cream to clear heat and relieve cough
2. Relieve the thyroid
3. Persimmons prevent constipation and hemorrhoids
4. Persimmon also has a certain beauty and beauty effect

What to eat with dried persimmons
When we eat dried persimmons, we must not eat other foods with high protein content, such as shrimps or fish, otherwise, it will not only harm the human body but will damage the respective nutrients in the plant. Crabs and persimmons cannot be eaten together. Crabs and persimmons are relatively cold from the perspective of Chinese medicine. If they are eaten together, they will cause a greater burden on the stomach.

Individual packaging is safe and hygienic

Who can't eat dried persimmons
1. Diabetes
2. Poor spleen and stomach function
3. Pregnant women eat less

Do you need to wash the dried persimmons before eating
Anyone who has eaten dried persimmons will know that there may be a layer of white powder in life. Most people may think that it is dust or mold and needs to be washed off before eating, but it is not. This layer of powder is just persimmon. It's just persimmon frost. This is also caused by the high amount of sugar in persimmons, so if we really wash away the frost, it may be that the sweetness of the cake is not so great, and some nutrients are also washed away because of that layer. Hoarfrost is definitely the essence of nutrition and is very good for the human body.










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  • Mr.JANG YU Dried Hanging Persimmon Korea 3pcs~1 box