Mr,JANG YU Ready To Eat Brown Sugar Ginger Tea Brown Sugar Red dates Tea Brown Sugar Wolfberry Brown Sugar 古法红糖
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  • Effectively relieves menstrual pain
  • Prevent colds, improve the cold hands and feet
  • High Polyphenols Content and High Antioxidant
  •  During menstruation, which can not only relieve dysmenorrhea but also make menstruation smoother
  •  Expelling wind and cold, warm stomach, eliminate edema, improve physical deficiency cold
  •  Drinking before the menstrual period can replenish qi and blood while drinking during the menstrual period can relieve the discomfort of the menstrual period

Brown Sugar Tea 1pcs

Let me introduce you: Stomach cells are renewed every seven days; skin cells are renewed every 28 days; liver cells are replaced every 180 days; red blood cells are renewed every 120 days Once; within a year or so, 98% of the body's cells will be renewed once; while the bone cell renewal takes seven years. So whether you want to detoxify, regulate qi and blood balance, or improve sub-health problems, you need to be patient and give your body enough time to completely change your health!

1. Warming tonic effect, improves immunity
2 . Smoothing menstruation
3. Physical recovery,f nourishes the liver, protects eyesight
4. Good for metabolism,anti-oxidant and anti-aging
4 . Brown Sugar Ginger can nourish both blood and energy, promote metabolism
5. Brown Sugar Red dates can expel wind and cold, replenishing qi and benefiting blood, who want Pregnant women
can be used to warm the palace, and it can also relieve dysmenorrhea for menstruating women
6. Wotherwort Brown Sugar can nourish yin, nourish the blood, moisturize the five internal organs
7. Motherwort Brown Sugar can resolve blood stasis and regenerate, dispel wind and detoxify, sunscreen and whiten
8. Rose Brown sugar can improve women's qi, blood, and physique, drive away cold and warm the uterus, improve anemia,
dysmenorrhea, and breast hyperplasia

Brewing/ Recommended Serving: A cup of 200mL of hot water, add a grain of brown sugar. (Please adjust your personal taste) Add about 200ml of hot water for a cube

Storage method: dry, low temperature, sealed against odor Shelf life: 120 days

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