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Mr.JANGYU Pearl Barley(China)中国生薏米 Barli Cina 100g~500g薏苡仁
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  • 功效 : 清热去湿,美白消腫,健脾止瀉
  • Help flush out toxins from the body, Helps in Digestion Related Problems
  • 材料: 生薏米,熟薏米,燈心花
  • 1.將一包生熟薏米用水冲洗干净后,加入1.5L的清水放入锅。
  • 2.然后加上盖子,用大火煲滾後关小火慢煲1个小时。
  • 3.待薏米水放涼后可隨意加入蜜糖或柠檬片,就可饮用。
  • 1. Rinse all herbs. Pour all the ingredients into the pot.
  • 2. Add around 1.5L water, bring to boil, and then simmer for 1 hour.
  • 3. Add honey or lemon as desired before serve.
  • 男女老少皆宜, 怀孕妈咪饮用前需要咨询医生以避免影响到宝宝及健康。
  • Avoid during sick, fever, period, pregnancy.
  • 需冷藏保存。Keep Refrigerated to maintain Freshness & Quality.

Pearl Barley(China)中国生薏米/ 薏仁100g~500g

Promotes urination, drains dampness - edema, difficult urination, damp leg qi.
Strengthens the spleen, stops diarrhea.
Clears heat and expels pus - carbuncles, lung or intestinal abscesses.
Expels wind-damp, relieves joint, and muscle pain.

However, they suggest that it is not suitable for pregnant women. But there are claims mention that coix is good for nourishing the skin making it look soft and smooth.

Our company only uses the herbs without any sulfur added, please keep them in the refrigerator.


利水消肿 Edema due to diuresis
减肥的最佳主食 Best staple food for weight loss
预防心血管疾病 Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
降血脂 Hypolipidemic
降血糖 Hypoglycemic
促进新陈代谢 stimulate metabolism
美白肌肤 Whitening skin
预防癌症 Prevention of cancer


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