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  • 食材药材批发Wholesales鲍鱼是四大海味:鲍、参、翅、肚之首。种类甚多,有少部分鲍鱼新鲜急冻,亦有制成罐头,或晒制成干货。头数越少,鲍鱼越大,亦越昂贵
  • Abalone is the first of the four great flavors: abalone, ginseng, fin, and belly. There are many kinds of abalones. A small part of the abalone is fresh and frozen, and some can be canned or dried. The fewer the heads, the bigger and more expensive the abalone


大小不一致 Size depends on the weight

教您️~ 鲍鱼仔泡发方法️️


The effects of abalone:
1. Improve immunity: A biologically active substance called Baolingsu can be extracted from abalone meat. Experiments show that it can improve immunity, destroy the metabolic process of cancer cells, and increase the tumor suppression rate without harming the body Normal cells have the function of protecting the body's immune system.
2. Regulating menstruation and moistening the intestines: Abalone can regulate blood pressure in both directions. The reason is that abalone can "nourish yin, calm the liver and strengthen the kidney", and can regulate adrenal secretion. Abalone has the effects of regulating menstruation, moisturizing dryness, and benefiting the intestines, and can treat irregular menstruation, constipation, and other diseases.
3. Promote growth and development: Abalone is rich in vitamins, among which vitamin a is particularly special. Vitamin a is a key nutrient for protecting skin health, healthy vision, strengthening immunity, and promoting growth and development.

Storage method: must be refrigerated in the refrigerator
Inconsistent size Size depends on the weight

Teach you ️~ How to soak abalone baby ️️
1. Brush Brush dry abalone to remove surface debris
2. Braised haircut it into a clean thermos and heat water and simmer for 24 hours (add ginger slices if you are afraid of fishy
3. Soaking and soaking with hot water until soft, take it out and soak in cold water for 4 hours (if the meat is not soft enough, the time can be extended appropriately)
4. RinseAfter soaking in cold water, take it out and wash thoroughly, remove the internal organs near the abalone back pad, and just wash it.

Whether it is stewed chicken soup, porridge, stir-fry, soup, Buddha jumps over the wall, pot Choi is delicious

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