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Mr.JANG YU White Chrysanthemum(no sulfur) 白菊花 Chrysanthemum Flowers Tea 白菊花茶 Krisamtimum Putih 100g
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  • 100% Dried flower
  • Fresh & Natural
  • Caffeine Free
  • No coloring & artificial flavoring added
  • No preservative added

Benefits of white chrysanthemum tea:
-Help recover from flu, acne, and "cooling" herbs.
-Help prevent sore throat
-Promote fever reduction
-Compression treatment of circulatory system diseases
-Clear liver and eyes
-Effective treatment of eye pain related to stress or Yin/fluid deficiency
-Treatment of blur, spots in front of eyes, vision loss, and dizziness
-Solve the problem of oral ulcers
- Detoxification

[How to brew] (350ml as an example)
[Preparation] Prepare a cup or teapot
[Fetch flowers] Put the appropriate amount of flowers or tea into the container
[Water injection] Pour hot water of about 90 to 100 degrees into the container.
[Tasting tea] You can drink it directly or add honey when the tea is slightly cooler
[Continue Drinking] Water can be renewed when there is one-third of the remaining drinking

At the same time, you can also choose to use white chrysanthemum together with honeysuckle and licorice. This can also have the effects of calming the liver, improving eyesight, clearing away heat, and detoxifying, which can help us alleviate high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and other problems, but white chrysanthemum is cold Although there are no side effects, we should still take it in moderation.

- 幫助從流感,痤瘡和冷卻草藥中恢復。
- 幫助預防喉嚨痛
- 促進減少發燒
- 壓縮治療循環系統疾病
- 清除肝臟和眼睛
- 有效治療與壓力或陰/液體缺乏有關的眼痛
- 治療模糊,眼前斑點,視力減退和頭暈
- 解決口腔潰瘍的問題
- 清熱解毒

[备具] 准备杯子或茶壶
[取花] 取适量的花或茶叶放入容器
[注水] 往容器中注入90至100度左右的热水。
[品茶] 可以直接饮用或是在茶稍微凉一点时添加蜂蜜
[续饮] 在饮用剩三分之一时,可续水


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