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Mr.JANG YU Dried Scallop Korea m size韩国幹貝元貝瑤柱(100g-300g)
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  • contain certain nutrients that are important for your brain and nervous system.
  • Help to Lower Cholesterol, Regulate Blood PressurePrevent Strokes
  • Support Weight Loss, Balance Hormones
  • Prevent Strokes
  • contain magnesiumand potassium, two nutrients that keep your heart healthy
  • High Quality
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韩国幹貝瑤柱 Drieded Scallops
100/200/300 grams

Notice: Photos are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary due to the natural color.

The nutritional value of scallops is very high, it contains many essential nutrients for the human body. First, scallops contain a large number of rich and diverse amino acids, such as amino acetic acid, alanine, and glutamic acid. At the same time, it also contains rich nucleic acids, such as inosinic acid; by-products of amino acids, such as bezoar phosphate; Such as calcium and zinc. It is worthy of high-quality ingredients comparable to abalone and sea cucumber.
Scallops are rich in protein, carbohydrates, riboflavin and calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients. The protein content is as high as 61.8%, which is three times that of chicken, beef, and fresh shrimp. The mineral content is far above shark fin and bird's nest. Scallops are rich in sodium glutamate and have a delicious flavor. Compared with fresh scallops, the fishy taste is greatly reduced. According to records, scallops also have anticancer, soften blood vessels, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

干贝富含蛋白质、碳水化合物、核黄素和钙、磷、铁等多种营养成分,蛋白质含量高达61.8%,为鸡肉、牛肉、鲜对虾的3倍。矿物质的含量远在鱼翅、燕窝之上。干贝含丰富的谷氨酸钠,味道极鲜。与新鲜扇贝相比,腥味大减。据记载,干贝还具有抗癌、软化血管、防止动脉硬化等功效 。

Dried Scallop Nutrition Table:
~Calcium phosphate
~Minerals (Zinc)
~Vitamins such as A, B, D

People who are Suitable to Consume Dried Scallop:
~People with weak spleen or stomach
~People suffer from night toilet
~People with high cholesterol or high blood pressure
~People with diabetes
~Patients with atherosclerosis
~People with malnutrition and indigestion, people who have a low appetite
~People with a weak body
~People who have a frequent headache, eye ache and backache
~People who have just finished operation, radiotherapy or chemotherapy


~People washing the toilet at night People with
~high cholesterol or high blood pressure
~Diabetes patients with
~atherosclerosis People with
~malnutrition and indigestion, people with poor appetite People with weak health
~often have headaches, people with eye pain and back pain
j~ust completed surgery, radiotherapy or

Storage method for people in chemotherapy :

Store in a ventilated and cool place. If you need to consume it for a long time, seal it in a 0-8 refrigerator. Store in a cool and dry place suggested to sealed and chilled at 0-8


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