Yuekang No. 1 Herbal Tea粤抗1号Herbal Tea to Prevent Virus Chinese Medicine Recipe/Wholesale
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  • The prescription was originally organized by the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission to organize 77 TCM experts from the fields of febrile disease, TCM lung disease, TCM critical illness, TCM medicine, etc., and the city's new coronavirus effect pneumonia TCM expert group was jointly organized. Issued.

Yuekang No. 1 Virus Prevention Chinese Medicine Formula has come to India Delta mutant virus... At present, Chinese medicine has found an effective Chinese medicine prescription. As a result, the infected patients in Guangzhou have recovered. , No one has died so far ️ Traditional Chinese medicine preventive prescription is suitable for home consumption and helps citizens to survive the epidemic safely.

[Materials]: Five-finger hair peach 20g, Coix seed 20g, Poria coix 15g, Charcoal mother 15g, Atractylodes rhizome 6g, Agastache 6g, Licorice 6g.

[Decoction method]: People over 12 years old: decoction for 30 minutes, 40 minutes after decoction and cooking, divided into morning and evening. Take it for 6 consecutive days. Children aged 6-12 take half of the adult dosage; pregnant and lactating women do not use it.

悦康一号防病毒中药方子来了印度三角洲突变病毒目前,中医找到了有效的中药方剂。结果,广州的感染患者已经康复。 ,至今无人死亡️ 中医药预防方适合居家消费,助力市民平安度过疫情。


【煎煮方法】:12岁以上:煎服30分钟,煎煮后40分钟,分早晚各一次。连续服用6天。 6-12岁儿童服用成人剂量的一半;孕妇和哺乳期妇女请勿使用。


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