Mr.JANG YU Honeysuckle Influenza Herbal Tea 金银花预防流感茶(JIN YIN HUA) 153+-gm
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  • Prevention for colds, flu, cough, pneumonia lung & liver detoxification,
  • Strengthen better body immune system 
  • The digestive disorder, reduce inflammation

Honeysuckle Influenza Herbal Tea 金银花预防流感茶 153+-gm

金银花预防流感茶有清热解毒的作用,但是却不容易伤害脾胃,具有很好的祛邪功效。 除此之外,散风热的作用,并且对于各种血毒以及热性病治疗效果很好, 常见的就有斑疹、咽喉肿痛、身热以及疮痈等,效果都非常的显著.


Honeysuckle tea for preventing flu
Although it has a good effect of clearing heat and detoxification, it is not easy to harm the spleen and stomach and has a good effect of eliminating evil. In addition, it has the effect of dispelling wind and heat, and it is very effective for the treatment of various blood poisons and fevers. The common ones are rashes, sore throats, body heat, and sores, which are very significant.

Method: Take 3 liters of water (about 2 large branches of mineral water), turn the fire into a small pot, and cook for 45 minutes, you can add 150g to 200g Honey sugar, Honey Sugar, not so sweet.

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