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Mr.JANG YU [4inch/6inch] Sotong Kering Besar Langkawi/ Dried Squid 吊片-Mr.JANG YU
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Brand Mr.JANG YU
Size (L x W x H) 16 cm x 7 cm x 23 cm
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  • 100% Bersih & Segar
  •  Kualiti Bermutu Tinggi
  •  Direct dari Kampung Nelayan Tanjung Dawai
  •  Wajib ada di setiap meja makanan


Dried Squid Langkawi/Sotong Kering吊片 4''/6''.
Freshness guaranteed.
Suitable to make own shredded sotong.
Suitable for frying with vegetables, boil soup and make kuih.
Fresh stock arrival direct from Pangkor fisherman.
Regular stocks arrival, we do wholesale also.




Nutritional value of dried squid
1. The edible portion of dried squid reaches 95%, 13% more than similar dried squid, 65.9% per 100 grams of protein, 27.8 grams more than dried squid, 316 calories, 42,000 higher than dried squid. Nutrients such as carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

2. Dried squid is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron, which is beneficial to bone development and hematopoiesis, and can effectively treat anemia. The peptides and selenium contained therein have antiviral and antiradiation effects.

3. In addition to the protein and amino acids required by the body, squid also contains a large amount of taurine, which can inhibit the cholesterol content in the blood, relieve fatigue, restore vision and improve liver function.

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1xMr, JANG YU  Sotong Kering Besar吊片 (100~200g)