Mr.JANG YU Premium South Dates特级南枣Nan Zao Size XL 250g
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  • Premium South Dates 特级南枣3A
  • Keep Cool 需冷藏***【南枣】 “日吃三个枣、一生不易老”
  • 特级南枣的【功效】滋肾养肝、健脑安神、补脾养胃、活血强心、养颜乌发、改善微循环和抗癌保健、润心肺、止咳嗽、补五脉、治虚损之效。
  • [Efficacy] Nourishes the kidney and liver, invigorates the brain and calms the nerves, nourishes the spleen and stomach, promotes blood circulation and strengthens the heart, nourishes the appearance of black hair, improves microcirculation and anti-cancer health care, nourishes the heart and lungs, relieves coughs, nourishes the five veins, and treats weakness Effect.

Premium South Dates特级南枣 SizeXL 250g
正品 特级 南枣 250gm 香,甜 ,特大粒,绝对不会有焦味,不会吃 酸
一分钱 一分货,不一样的南枣~不一样的味道 ~南枣的功能 滋肾养肝、健脑安神、补脾养胃、活血强心、养颜乌发、改善微循环和抗癌保健、润心肺、止咳嗽、补五脉、治虚损之效。

-Premium Grade of South Dates/Nan Zao. Ready Stock !!
-No Sulphur, No Colouring.
-100% brand new and direct import from the origin place of China.
-Size 250g Value Pack/Plastic Packaging. Save More !!!
-100% natural from plants. Fresh & Good quality.
-Rich in Vitamins, Iron & Protein
-Most Common Confinement Drinks
-Can be used for Cooking Porridge, Soup or Dessert too
-Treat and Prevent Anemia
-Provides Strong & Healthy Hair
-Promote Healthy Skin & Protect Eye Health
-Strengthen the commune system

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Mr.JANG YU Premium South Dates特级南枣Nan Zao Size XL  250g