Hong Kong 100% Flounder Fish Seasoning Powder (Left mouth fish) 100%纯正左口鱼粉 Flounder Fish Powder 120g+-
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  • Flounder Fish Seasoning
  • Another high-quality fresh product for you to choose
  • Mother’s must-have dishes, fresh noodles for delicacies
  • Efficacy:
  • Rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients, especially vitamin B6 content is quite abundant, but the fat content is less
  • Rich in DHA, the main component of the brain, regular consumption can enhance intelligence
  • In terms of medicinal effects, it has the effects of dispelling rheumatism, promoting blood circulation, and dredging collaterals.
  • The unsaturated fatty acids are easily absorbed by the body, which helps to reduce blood cholesterol and enhance physical fitness
  • use:
  • Cooking, the soup is really great
  • The cooked dishes are fresh and sweet and taste good
  • Flounder Fish Powder (net weight: 120g)
  • It is recommended to mix in the meat stuffing such as wonton dumplings or sprinkle it on steamed dishes, porridge, soup base.
  • It's comparable to natural MSG.
  • Suitable for: soup base, meat stuffing, home cooking, steam
  •  Good for boiling soup or making dishes.

Hong Kong 100% Flounder Fish Seasoning Powder (Left mouth fish) 100%纯正左口鱼粉 120g+-

Made from finest wholesome flounders,SUPREME RANGE Flounder Fish Powder is ideal in the preparation of fish ball, meatball, soup base and vegetable dishes to bring out that home made taste.Convenient and nutritious, it acts as an appetising enhancer for a wide variety of dishes.

Soup Base : Add 2 tablespoon of Flounder fish Powder into 1 litre of boilling water.
Fish/Meat Ball: Add 2 tablespoon of Flounder Fish Powder into 1kg or minced meat
Stri Frying : Add desied amount of Flounder Fish Powder

香而100%纯正左口鱼粉采用鱼肉制成 适合调制各种鱼丸,肉丸,汤及菜肴 等使食物美味可口,容易调配及丰富

汤料:将2汤匙香而浓100%纯正左口鱼粉 溶解在1公升沸水中

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