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Mr.JANG YU Gingko Nuts泰兴白果 BaiGo Gingko 银杏果300~ 500g糖水白果
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  • Product Description :
  • -Weight: 300g~500g ±
  • -Efficacy: It has the effects of replenishing lung qi, curing cough and -asthma, stopping
  • worms, reducing stool, protecting blood vessels, and increasing blood flow.
  • -Common cooking methods: ginkgo cloud ear syrup, yuba ginkgo barley, etc.

Gingko Nuts泰兴白果 300g~500g

It can moisturize the lungs, relieve asthma,anti-aging, protect the liver, prevent cardiovascular disease, astringent essence, stopbands, cold, and heat. Indications of wheezing and coughing, excessive sputum, red vaginal discharge, cloudy urine, frequent urination, enuresis, and other symptoms. According to modern medical research, Ginkgo biloba also has the advantages of smoothing blood vessels, improving brain function, delaying brain aging in the elderly, enhancing memory ability, treating Alzheimer's disease and insufficient blood supply to the brain.

There might be some of the ginkgo not fresh in the packaging, however, we will do our best to filter and choose the best as we can, but we cannot see the content inside as we cannot open the shell. We are so regret that we will not accept any return or refund request for this item due to not fresh. Thank you for your understanding. Please be alert to this message.

可润肺、定喘、抗衰老,保护肝脏,防治心血管疾病,涩精、止带、寒热皆宜。 主治喘咳痰多、赤白带下、小便白浊、小便频数、遗尿等症。根据现代医学研究,银杏还具有通畅血管、改善大脑功能、延缓老年人大脑衰老、增强记忆能力、治疗老年痴呆症和脑供血不足等。


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