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Mr.JANG YU American Ginseng Slices 美国花旗参/美国泡参片 American Ginseng38g~50g
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  • M size Premium Quality
  • Ziplock Bag and Bottle Pack
  • Regular Consumption can Nourish the Body’s Fluids
  • ​Prevent Thirst and Dryness.
  • ​Improve Vitality
  • ​Calm the Mind
  • Can be used for Herbal Tea or various Herbal Soup

American Ginseng Slices 美国花旗参 38g~50g

The essence of Ginseng: Ginseng is a tonic with excellent efficacy. It is especially effective for people who are busy with life, under heavy stress, too much tobacco and alcohol, and often stay up late. Or the first cold is weak and weak, chronic cough, aphonia, and thirst; also can hangover.

Method of Use:
1.Use to make tea, make soup, and soak wine.
2.Each time use about 15 to 25 pieces will do. 1-2 people 10g ~ 20g

功效 :
⏩For improving energy
⏩Detoxification, defense against colds
⏩ Enhance immunity and maintain liver health
⏩ strengthens heart, lowers blood pressure, and stroke
⏩ Recovering of the nervous system, insomnia
⏩ regulate blood sugar and reduce diabetes
⏩Strengthen metabolism, help digestion

Notice: Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to the natural color.
Note: no sulfur medicine, freshly packaged, must be stored refrigerated

泡参的功效:泡参是一种功效极佳的补品,对于生活忙碌、压力繁重、烟酒过多以及经常熬夜的人士,尤其见效。 泡参亦被用于治理疲倦、烦躁不安、因发烧或感冒初愈而体弱、慢性咳嗽、失音及口渴;亦能解酒。


2.一次用15 到25片,1-2人 10g~20g


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1xAmerican Ginseng Slices 美国花旗参/美国泡参片38g~50g