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Mr.JANG YU 紋黨參2等/3等 500g Codonopsis Radix (Dangshen)无硫磺泡水煲汤药材泡酒150g~ 500g
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  • Premium Grade 2/3 of Dang Shen. Ready Stock !!
  • 100% brand new and direct import from the origin place of China.
  • Size150g~500G Value Pack (Plastic Packaging) Save More !!!
  • 100% natural from plants. Fresh & Good quality.
  • Improves blood circulation & lower high blood pressure
  • Help enhance immunity & fight cancer
  • Improves microcirculation
  • Reduces the risk of ischemic stroke
  • EASY TO COOK Suitable for every food-lovers and even people with a hectic routine
  • FAST DELIVERY We'll make sure you receive your order as soon as possible!

紋黨參 2等/3等Codonopsis Radix (Dangshen)
紋黨即文黨參 系中國甘蕭文縣特產
其用藥價值為全國黨參之冠 與人參媲美 是馳名中外抗癌滋補名貴藥材之一
含有生物碱 蔗糖 菊糖 葡萄糖 澱粉 粘液質及多種微量元素 維生素 B1 B2等等

食用方法:先將紋黨泡浸30分鐘後取出 用清水 沖洗擠乾 放入砂鍋內 (可以配以補料:如元肉 北芪等)用於煲湯 燉肉 亦可拌料炒菜或浸酒


Botanical Name: Codonopsis Radix
Net weight: 500G
Grade: 2/3
Dang Shen is one of the most famous used Chinese tonic herds. It is very mild and without any side effects, yet it is a superb and potent Qi tonic.
Codonopsis is a traditional tonic medicine commonly used in China. It has a special aroma and a slightly sweet taste. It has the effects of nourishing the middle and nourishing qi, quenching thirst, invigorating the spleen and lungs, and nourishing blood and promoting fluid. According to modern research, Codonopsis has enhanced immunity.
It has the functions of enhancing immunity, expanding blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, improving microcirculation, and enhancing hematopoietic function. In addition, it can improve the white blood cell decline caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Contains alkaloids, sucrose, inulin, glucose, starch, mucus, and various trace elements, vitamin B1, B2, etc.

Edible method: soak the Wendang for 30 minutes, then take it out, rinse with water and squeeze dry, put it in a casserole (can be supplemented with ingredients: such as Yuanrou, Beiqi, etc.) for soup, stew, stir-fry or soak in wine

️Storage method: a cool and dry place or refrigerate

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1XCodonopsis Radix (Dangshen) Grade 2/3 150g~500g